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Strategy And Analysis 

Nishot is an analysis and strategic consultancy firm, with a focus on the cannabis industry. Our unique strength is an objective buy-side analysis and due diligence services for investors in Israel and abroad. 


Analysis. Research. Business Consulting

Market Analysis

Public Companies Analysis

Nishot provides external economic research services to institutional investors, corporations, and companies. We specialize in performance analysis of public companies. Our firm performs economic analyzes for companies traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and various exchanges around the world.

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Research for Investors

In-depth due diligence services for investors, in the fields of technology, infrastructure, defence, Agri-tech and cannabis. Our team has supported dozen of M&A deals in the past few years and is well informed of all the regulatory, marketing and operating aspects of the industry.

Our vast experience and network enable us to provide investors with the best and unbiased consultancy. 

Business Partners at Work

Business Consulting

Economic research and industry analysis serve as a starting point for strategic consulting services for companies in the cannabis sector. In our strategic consulting we bring creative ideas to the table and use economic analysis tools to assess their feasibility and business potential. Among the innovative ideas, we can look at new products and services, diversity in product target audiences, changes in the marketing system and business collaborations with companies from Israel and abroad. In this framework, we can advise on the process of betterment for companies planning their Mergers & Acquisition strategy.



Shiry Eden
Founder and CEO

Nishot was founded by Shiry Eden, a strategic consultant, and an economist with 20 years of experience.  Nishot also serves as a consultant for an Israeli mutual fund focusing in the cannabis sector.

In recent years, she has advised dozens of companies from all sectors: public, government, private and non-profit companies, including Clal Industries, Dash Apex, Amot Investments, Aeronautics, The National Road Safety Authority, The Dead Sea Preservation Government Company, Oppenheimer, Arkia, Vita Pri Galil, defense companies and start-ups.


Before the establishment of Nishot, she founded and managed Eden Communications and LivingGift, served as a corporate communications manager in the second largest investment house in Israel, media advisor for the Minister of Defense, and an economist in the Budget Department of the Ministry of Defense (rank captain). Eden holds a BA in Economics and Communications from the Hebrew University and an MBA from Tel Aviv University.

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